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 Why is Location So Important?

Location, Location…  LOCATION! When thinking about location there are a few topics that come to mind including but not limited to parking, visibility and accessibility. Can your customers find parking? Can they find YOUR barbershop business? Can they easily access your barbershop business through different modes of transportation?  These are all important points of emphasis when choosing a location for your barbershop. I could write about having your barbershop located on a main street vs. a side street is the better choice. I could also explain that placing your barbershop in a high foot traffic location will benefit you. While those statements contain truth I want to tell a story when I realized just how important location can be to a barbershop business from my own experience.


When I was first making my way into the barber industry I had the opportunity to work at a barbershop in North Jersey while I was on summer break from my studies at Temple University. I was brought in as an apprentice and the owner notified me that he was moving his location and was going to have to expand his team. When I started out there I would take 2-3 haircuts a day as I was easing into the rhythm of barbershop life. Within a short span of time the quantity of haircuts increased and I was doing on average 6-8 walk-ins a day. For me starting out and getting the opportunity to cut hair in a barbershop this was a great turnout! But let’s fast forward to the new location.

Let’s take a step out of the old barbershop and walk straight for a half block. Then, take a right onto the main street and walk another half a block. Less than 2 minutes.. We are now in the new location and most importantly on the main street. I was now on average doing 8-12+ walk-in haircuts per day. During the grand opening and first couple weeks many people from the neighborhood would stop in and welcome the shop to the town. Here was the kicker.. The barbershop had already been in town for years right around the corner. The thing was the old location was on a side street that did not get much foot traffic so people had no clue that it was there. By the owner making a move onto the main street he was able to increase awareness and visibility of the barbershop and overall improve the success of his business.


Now, as a consumer I don’t prefer to travel across the city of Philadelphia to workout, grocery shop or get my haircut. Imagine living in South Philly and going to the gym in Fishtown, then shopping for food in Mt. Airy before getting my haircut in Fairmount. That is a logistical nightmare and not an ideally optimized day. At The Barber Shock, the locations of our barber studios are optimally designed to be convenient for our clientele base.

When I was searching for my first barbershop location there were many factors that came into play. Most importantly was making sure that I had a location that I would still be able to service my clients conveniently. I landed on a location that is located right near Center City Philadelphia and the Spring Garden area, the perfect central hub in the city of Philadelphia. The barbershop is approx. 10 minutes from Center City, Fishtown, Temple, Fairmount and many other central neighborhoods of the city. The barbershop is close to the Spring Garden stop on SEPTA’s  Broad Street Subway Line. Temple University Students looking for a haircut can jump right on the subway and ride for 2 stops to the destination. If you work in Center City and want to grab a haircut before you get on 76 to go home this is the perfect location.

Since the opening of the new Barber Shock location, clients have come into the shop and tell me how convenient it was to get to, nestled right near the heart of Center City Philadelphia. Location is a major factor when you are trying to decide where to open your business. The decision on your location can be a factor in the overall success of your business. It is important to take these factors into consideration to ensure you are getting the most potential from your barbershop!

-Michael Shockley edited 1/05/2023